June 17th, 2021

Total Experience – Trend that organisations can’t afford to ignore

Each day, we are constantly surrounded with new information, trends, changes, and most of them all, its highness - digitalization! New trends are popping up everywhere, but one trend managed to chat up the eyes of the public and place itself on top of the list of technology trends that are believed will shake up customer service in 2021. 

What is the Total Experience trend? And why is it trending?

It is believed that the Total Experience trend (TX) is one of the trends from Gartner's list of tech trends that will have a significant impact over the next five years, and most of the organizations are not factoring these into their strategic planning today. 

Total Experience is meant to link multi-experience, customer experience, employee experience, and user experience creating a unique and unified approach. This way, it should be easier for organizations to solve complex business challenges by transforming the human experience. 

This strategic tech trend for 2021creates superior, interconnected experiences for customers and employees, and it will be a great example of the constant development of digital transformation. To learn more about this trend and how it can be applied to your organization, read on!

What does TX look like in action?

As soon as COVID-19 turned almost every sector on its head, TX became a tech buzzword, and many businesses agreed that this new trend could highly increase and better up their work. TX began to be used as a metric that took employee experience, user experience, and client experience into account, and unsurprisingly, the companies that excel at Total Experience were able to provide incredible customer experiences. 

For example, in response to the Covid-19, one company created an online appointment system and integrated it with the company’s app. When their customers are near the store, they would immediately receive a simple notification to help them go through the check-in process and guide them through the whole process. This way, employees would be able to co-browse with the customer and guide them just by using their own tablets and without even physically touching the customer's device. 

Why is Total Experience important?

Before this trend, companies and organizations used to manage customer and employee experience separately but, as technologies develop and change - the vocabulary describing them does too. 

Zain Jaffer, the CEO and founder of San Francisco-based – Zain Ventures, agrees that total experience is a crucial determining factor of an organization’s post-COVID success. "There’s more than enough talk in consumer-facing industries regarding the importance of customer experience. Rightfully so - no customers, no business,” he said. “But that is not all there is to it, especially in the age of COVID-19. Total experience referred to as TX, is an important metric that takes into consideration the experience of an organization's employees and users, in addition to their clients.”. 

cierra’s Total Experience capabilities

When it comes to digitalization, technology is one step ahead of us, so today might also be - tomorrow. Your business needs a partner who is adaptive, considerable, responsive, and able to keep up with current trends. At cierra, we’re constantly working to improve both customer experience and user experience. Check up on our work, and follow us for future tech news and amazing projects. 

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