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Feb 15, 2018


Aug 15, 2018



This is where digitization takes place

Bitkom is the industry association for the German information and telecommunications industry. As a direct subsidiary of Bitkom, the Bitkom service company provides start-ups, medium-sized companies and corporations with experts in the field of data protection.

So far, contracts have been received by post and a lot of communication has been via fax. In addition to developing the application, we had to redesign processes together with the company and respond to the customers in order to make the change as easy as possible. Another challenge was the migration from the old system with digitized data from over 40 years with poor data quality.


Our solution

A microservice to generate contracts

In order to guarantee a smooth transition, we have developed a system that sends the emails with the order data to a mailbox that is monitored by our product. This then automatically generates the PDF documents, saves them in an audit-proof manner, and generates a secure download link for the person ordering. In addition, the documents we generate are always directly write-protected so that the file cannot be changed. The reason for generating the documents for each customer is a small mark in the document to mark the customer on the document.

In addition to the functions for the end customer, the software also has the option of flexibly adapting the contract models in the admin panel so that changes can be applied easily.



Recognize and use potential

The conversion from manual work to a digital, automated solution results in various advantages: On the one hand, the new process makes things easier for the employees of Bitkom Servicegesellschaft sent manually.