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Oct 01, 2020


Jan 15, 2021



What is BKF online training?

With BKF online training courses, professional drivers can effortlessly access digital advanced training.

Prompted by the Corona pandemic in spring 2020, we collaborated with BKF to develop an online training platform. Through this platform, truck drivers can undergo training on various professional subjects, irrespective of time and place.

Currently, the training courses mandated by the Professional Driver Qualification Act and its implementing ordinance are not available online due to legal constraints. However, offering these courses online is a clear objective for the platform.


Special hurdles

Control of attention

As we anticipate our certificates receiving official recognition in the near future, it is crucial to ensure that our training content is presented and digested comprehensively by participants. This attention to detail upholds the credibility and significance of our certification process.

To ensure active engagement, we introduced attention checks. Beyond basic functionalities like profile management, payment methods, and company administration, a significant portion of our efforts was channeled into these checks. As participants watch a video, we implemented tests that randomly introduce colors into the viewer's screen, unrelated to the content, and then later inquire about them. Additionally, we might send SMS prompts or simply check if the participant is still engaged, akin to Netflix's approach.

Should these tests not be answered correctly within a designated timeframe, the video will revert to the last successfully completed checkpoint for the participant to review.



We work as a team

BKF still has big goals and we are not only contractors, but also part of the team.

It is always a pleasure for us when partners cooperate with us for a long time. We are designed to provide the complete tech unit for our partners. Far from the required trust and stability on our part, it is a very personal pleasure for us to play a driving role with products like BKF and to jointly bring a product like BKF onto the road but also to keep it there.

"We are happy to have a technically competent partner at hand in cierra, with whom we can implement our vision on the cutting edge of technology."

 - Simon Pirmann, BKF Online-Training GmbH