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Jan 01, 2019


Dec 01, 2019



What's carGO?

carGO! is a repair cost insurance for used cars, which is comparable to a private health insurance for cars. So if the oil drips again you only pay (from) 8 € a month instead of hundreds of euros for the repair.

carGO! is an insurance company of ELEMENT Insurance AG in cooperation with intec AG. The two parties have taken over the otherwise so common used vehicle guarantee when buying a used vehicle in the private market, so that every vehicle owner with a vehicle with less than approx. 420 hp can take out this insurance and take out insurance for his vehicle that is comparable to a guarantee.


Technical hurdles

Insurance online = legal requirements

In Germany, the requirements for insurance are high. Also online. So we had to observe various technical requirements from data protection to consultation protocol and information requirements.

Various conditions such as the provision of initial information or valid advice had to be met with the final section. However, many online insurance companies do not offer advice. Together with ELEMENT Insurance AG, we went into more detail on this topic and not only met the legal requirements at least, but also realized our own ideals of a transparent insurance world.

Each conclusion of a contract goes hand in hand with answering various questions, which allow us to recommend the best tariff to the customer. This means that the customer does not have to spend hours weighing the right tariff, but is suggested by us directly - just as one is used to from his personal insurance advisor.


The everyday

We are there every day.

Many technical questions arise in everyday life. For example, adjustments to the tariffs, advice or even to the checkout itself must be made UX improvements due to marketing.

It is normal for IT to be involved in an insurance company on a day-to-day basis. Evaluations, analysis of the checkout and the associated improvements are our job. We work with our partner to continuously improve the range and offer extensive product management.

Like ELEMENT Insurance AG, intec AG can rely on us to step in in just a few minutes if problems arise, questions arise or we have to make improvements to improve the conversion rate, regardless of whether it is a working day, Sunday or even a public holiday. Because we also take over Instagram, Facebook and Google Marketing, we have all the KPIs we need at hand and treat carGO like our own product.