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Jan 01, 2017


Jan 01, 2017




Intec AG has been a guarantee and insurance service provider for used vehicles with a focus on vehicle dealers and workshops for over 40 years. Digitization in this industry is generally not very advanced and we want to create the pioneer of digitization in this industry with intec.

So far, contracts have been received by post and a lot of communication has been via fax. In addition to developing the application, we had to redesign processes together with the company and respond to the customers in order to make the change as easy as possible. Another challenge was the migration from the old system with digitized data from over 40 years with poor data quality.


The reason

Digitization as a means of scaling

Intec recognized the potential of digitization in the field of financial services early on. Above all, the fully digital services of intec AG offer great savings potential, both in terms of workload and ancillary costs.
With our digitization, the sales potential could be increased by almost 50% with the same number of jobs.



A close partnership is essential

We collaborated closely with intec, delving into the company's comprehensive processes and understanding the end user's needs. It was essential to meticulously analyze these processes to ensure they were accurately represented in our app, seamlessly integrating with the daily activities of the employees. We retained as many workflows as possible from the previous system to facilitate a smooth transition.

Now, intec boasts a robust landscape of microservices, internal platforms, and customer platforms: 'Garant' serves as an inventory management system, CRM, and claims management system; 'carbee' functions as a customer platform; and numerous other minor services are integrated within Garant.