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Feb 2021


Feb 2021



Pawsome brand for your furry family members

Pawsome is the First Pet Wellness Brand dedicated to keeping your pet healthy, happy, and safe. Thanks to this brand, you are able to get the best recommendations for personalized diet, vet experience, training, grooming, and insurance offers for your pet - and all of that based on the specific and delicate type of your pet’s lifestyle, breed, age, and personal needs. 

They nurture family relationships between pets and their owners by the support of vets, nutritionists, pet experts, training experts, groomers and wellness experts at the touch of a button.



Dedicated to keeping pets happy & healthy

Pawsome is passionate about helping pets to lead healthy and happy lives - and our cierra goal was to put all our passion into this Pawsome project and help our client to easily reach many more little paws whose' owners are searching for perfect arrangements. 


The challenge

The challenge

Our task was to update the existing website for building the diet plan for pets in order to create it more user-friendly and easy to use in just a few steps. The tool is sectioned of few simple questions like “Is your pet puppy, adult or senior?”; “Pets weight?”; “Pets breed?”; etc… After filling in all simple details about the pet, the tool will provide you with the recipe plan created specifically for your pet's need by experienced and dedicated vets.