May 19th, 2021

The line between creativity and awesomeness - UX/UI Design

For a product to be successful and generate initial results, it needs to solve a common problem. But this alone isn’t enough - it also needs to have a positive emotional impact on its users. Both physical and digital products need to make users feel great about their purchase, and this responsibility usually lands on the shoulders of creative minds - UX/UI designers.

Mae Palioudis - a valued UX/UI designer in our team - is one of those designers that is standing behind many successful and beautiful projects. Her hobbies include coding, painting, and walking, but when she’s not doing one of those things, she is putting her focus on User Interface and making sure to communicate all details of her work with the team on a daily basis. From the perspective of a UX/UI designer, we’re bringing you details of her work, challenges, and tips.

Mae, looking back at your rich experience in this creative industry, what does the term 'design-thinking' mean to you?

For me, design thinking is the process of solving problems. As UX designer, we have to focus on what users need, feasible solutions, and viable business. It might sound like a complicated process, but this is the beginning of finding the right solution and building it in the right way.

Why is UX/UI design important to you personally? Where does all your creativity come from?

UX design is the process of understanding users and solving problems. For me, creativity is how we solve problems with limited resources, try to bring the best for the customers, and add more value to the stakeholders. If you want to be a good UX designer, I suggest you walk more, think more, listen more and meet more people.

When a client says: “I don’t like this design.” What do you do?

I will try to understand the client's perspective and then explain why we have to go through that specific approach that we suggested in the first place. In the end, the clients will be the ones who decide to change the direction or keep it as we recommended.

In your opinion, why is UX/UI design so important in the development process?

First design, then code. I don’t mean only user interface design, but also the solution, experience, and service. My job is to understand user’s needs and bring value to our stakeholders. 

Describe your design process and what methods you follow?

First, I try to understand the whole picture, what is the problem that I have to solve, talk with stakeholders, and estimate the time to work. It’s hard to describe the process of design thinking in a few paragraphs. Everything depends on the projects, resources, and how complicated the problems are.

As a UI/UX designer, what challenges do you face often and how do you overcome them?

User needs and users' behavior always change, so I have to keep learning and updating my knowledge. Another challenge that I really face all the time is how we can bring value to the customers and stakeholders. It’s my job to solve the problem and find the best solution at that time for them.

What is your favorite part of work in Cierra as a UX/UI designer?

We have a good team and a really nice working environment and culture. I feel comfortable working with my team.

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