101: Digital transformation from the perspective of a tech company! - With Vittorio Emmermann

Digital Transformation is one of the hottest topics these days, and for the German market, it is very important to spread awareness of this topic in order to help businesses digitize their products and services.

eInvoices - Tool that can save your business time and money!

Living in a time of global digitization, we are constantly looking for new ways to provide better, faster, and more efficient services. If you provide any type of service that is charged, an invoice is required. Traditional invoices are detailed and prone to human mistakes that companies cannot allow. Therefore, businesses worldwide are implementing new and smart solutions - and one of them is eInvoces!

Benefits digital platforms can bring to your business

New companies have new development perspectives since digital transformation took place. By making new innovations companies are saving time and money. There are so many options that it’s hard to choose. An innovation trend that has been widely accepted by global companies is for sure the rise of digital platforms.

The line between creativity and awesomeness - UX/UI Design

For a product to be successful and generate initial results, it needs to solve a common problem. But this alone isn’t enough - it also needs to have a positive emotional impact on its users.

Total Experience – Trend that organisations can’t afford to ignore

Total Experience is meant to link multi-experience, customer experience, employee experience, and user experience creating a unique and unified approach.

Google Analytics violates the GDPR

The use of Google Analytics on websites in the EU violates the General Data Protection Regulation. Here we present an alternative that is not only compliant with the GDPR but can also be operated on your own server.

Define MVP - but do it right!

Defining an MVP is often not that easy for founders - but it is important for a timely market entry. We explain why here. On top of that, we'll give you a quick guide to working out your MVP definition.

KPI in focus: cash burn rate

For founders, it is especially important to keep the cash burn rate in a healthy ratio. How our solution for an accurate determination looks like you can find out here.