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Jan 01, 2018


Dez 01, 2018



The advantage

NaturTrip is a company that wants to make the world a little better by creating an opportunity for tourists to leave their car in their holiday area and instead reach nearby excursion destinations easily on foot or by bus and train.

Starting with an intelligent routing algorithm, we developed the web app from scratch, as there was neither a comparable app nor routing services available that support all the required functions. The users are in the mountains with poor reception, so that great importance must be attached to data economy during development.



How does the web app work?

NaturTrip offers a platform on which visitors can explore excursion destinations and hiking tours, depending on their location, and are primarily suggested destinations that they can easily reach by public transport. The app is continuously being developed by us in cooperation with Naturtrip and users can look forward to additional functions, for example to stop at restaurants during their excursions or to find a place to stay straight away.



It shouldn't just stay with the "Wilder Kaiser"

Starting with the "Wilder Kaiser" tourist area in Tyrol and the Stuttgart area, it should not be limited to these areas. The web app is to be expanded to many other holiday areas over the next few years in order to noticeably relieve traffic across Europe and enable travelers to conveniently switch to public transport.

Therefore, the app developed by us can be easily reconfigured regardless of the branding - because who wants to write a new application for each customer? In addition, the central system of NaturTrip is provided with simple configuration forms to add new customers directly and to roll out the app for NaturTrips customers.